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New DSG gearbox for cheapest VW Passat CC

Clever 7-speed auto for 1.8T Passat CC

VW Passat CC

DSG option for 1.8T Passat CC

Volkswagen is making a seven-speed version of its ‘DSG’ semi-automatic gearbox available on the Passat CC.

DSG stands for ‘Direct Shift Gearbox’, and is a type of automatic gearbox that uses two clutches to provide a fast, smooth shift action. It can operate as a normal automatic, or the lever can be used to select gears manually.

With seven speeds, it offers a lower first gear for faster initial acceleration, and a taller ‘overdrive’ seventh gear for better economy.

That makes it not only far more efficient than a traditional auto, but also more economical than some manual gearbox cars.

And that’s the case here. The new seven-speed gearbox is only available on the entry-level Passat CC in regular trim, which comes with a 158bhp 1.8-litre turbocharged petrol engine.

1.5mpg improvement

The six-speed manual version of this Passat CC returns 37.2mpg combined, but the new DSG version manages 38.7mpg – a 1.5mpg improvement.

CO2 emissions are also reduced – from 178g/km for the manual car to 172g/km for the DSG equivalent – yet the new gearbox also makes the Passat CC faster.

Standard equipment includes 17-inch alloys, dual-zone air conditioning, touchscreen stereo with six CD-changer, electric driver’s seat and electronic stability control.

Priced at £21,865, the seven-speed DSG equipped Passat CC 1.8 turbo costs £1,243 more than the regular version. It’s on sale now.

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