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Petrol price hikes ‘well above rate of inflation’

AA says supermarkets are allowing prices to go up

Petrol prices are rising again

Petrol prices are rising again

Petrol price rises were well above the rate of inflation between mid-January and mid-February this year, according to the AA.

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The average cost of petrol increased by more than 4p to 90.88p a litre, adding £2.12 to the cost of a 50-litre tank. Diesel was also affected, with average costs rising 2p to 100.79p a litre.

Supermarket petrol prices

The AA said petrol prices rose by an average of 4.98p a litre at supermarkets, compared with non-supermarket increases of 4.2p a litre.

Across the country, rural areas remain the most expensive to buy petrol, with south-west England outlets averaging most at 91.5p a litre and north-west England the cheapest at 90.4p.

Wales, Northern Ireland and south-west England have seen the biggest rise in petrol prices, although their diesel prices have been more stable than in south-east England and London.

Cheapest fuel

AA public affairs head Paul Watters said: ‘As they did early last year, supermarkets have allowed their prices to rise faster than other retailers, while some oil company fuel stations have taken the competitive lead.

‘Drivers, who see recession, a collapsed oil price and falling inflation, are irritated by pump prices that continue to go up at a rate they associate with the soaring prices last year.

‘European motoring clubs have run out of patience and have written to the EU competition commissioner calling for an inquiry. Greater transparency in fuel pricing is long overdue.’

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