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Ryanair launches mobile phone service

Ryanair to let passengers use mobiles on board

Ryanair- people getting on airline

Ryanair failed to get top marks for value for money

Budget airline Ryanair has launched an in-flight mobile phone service.

Passengers will be able to make and receive calls, texts and emails. The system is initially available on 20 Ryanair aircraft, but it’s expected to be extended to the airline’s entire fleet of more than 170 planes.

Ryanair fared poorly in a Which? survey last summer of the best and worst airlines to fly with according to Which? members.

Ryanair mobile phone service

Ryanair said to make calls would cost between £1.50 and £3 a minute, with text messages costing about 40p and emails between £1 and £2. No charge would be made for receiving text messages.

A survey published last September in Which? found that more than two-thirds would find it annoying if fellow passengers used their mobile on a flight, although four in ten admitted that they would be likely to use their mobile on a flight if they could.

Lorna Cowan, editor of Which? Holiday, said: ‘Ryanair is offering a service to consumers, but surely with their flights being only one to two hours long, consumers can manage without this?’

Ryanair says demand will grow

Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary said: ‘Today’s launch is the first step to offering in-flight mobile phone services onboard our entire fleet over the next 18 months. We expect customer demand for this service to grow rapidly.’

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