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Samsung gets set for Mobile World Congress 2009

S5050 with OLED screen expected to be launched

Samsung is set to announce the launch of several new phones at Mobile World Congress 2009, taking place next week. 

Most of these phones will sit at the low-end or middle of Samsung’s phone range. As yet, no details exist on which models will hit UK shops.

The Samsung S5050

Samsung S5050 – OLED technology at a lower price

Samsung is rumoured to be showing its S5050 slide phone, which reportedly has a 3.2Mp camera and a 2.2-inch OLED display. OLED displays tend to be clearer than LCDs and have lower power consumption meaning better battery life. OLED displays on mobile phones are rare, found only on a handful of top-end phones – making the its rumoured addition to a mid-range model a surprise. The S5050 is reportedly less advanced in other areas, lacking 3G connectivity.

Dual SIM slots, and a 3.2Mp camera

Samsung is also expected to reveal details on its B5702 mobile phone – a mid-range slide phone that could feature a 3.2Mp camera. It’s reported to be quad-band, so you can use it anywhere in the world where you can get a signal, and have two slots for two SIM cards. This means you can use one slot for your business number, and one for your personal number, for example.

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Budget offerings

Other phones being lined up by Samsung are said to include the candybar shape C5212 – another model with two SIM card slots, but this time with just a 1.3Mp camera. The S3310 has just the standard one SIM card slot, but adds an FM radio and 2Mp camera according to online reports.

Fans of flip phones may be excited to learn about the launch of the E2210, but any excitement may be dampened when they learn that the camera is only 0.3Mp and even Bluetooth is missing.

Samsung’s other launches probably won’t make it to the UK. The E1360, E1210, E1225 and E1100 are basic models lacking a camera, although some are said to feature FM radio and GPRS for web browsing.

Jon Barrow, Which? mobile phones expert, said: ‘This latest range may not be especially ground breaking, but in the current economic climate it’s good news that Samsung could be bringing out a selection of cheaper handsets. We’re particularly pleased to hear about the rumoured S5050 with its OLED screen, as this technology has previously only been seen on premium phones.’

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