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Sony launches eight Cyber-shot digital cameras

Slimline Cyber-shot T900 and T90 boost line-up

Sony Cyber-shot T900

Sony has launched eight new digital cameras, adding new digital cameras to each of its four main ranges of cameras – the T-series, H-series, W-series and S-series.

Sony Cyber-shot 900 and T90

The Sony Cyber-shot T900 and T90 are the latest slimline entry by the company into the digital camera market. Both cameras feature 12.1 megapixels, a 35-140mm lens and LCDs with touchscreen controls. The T900 features a 3.5-inch touchscreen. Both cameras have image stabilisation, and both can record high-definition (HD) video clips. As well as being slim, both cameras are also light – Sony says they weigh under 130g without their batteries – similar in weight to a mobile phone.

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Sony H20 digital camera

Sony’s H20 is physically the biggest camera of the new models announced. Available in black, it’s a likely replacement for Sony’s H10 digital camera. Like its predeccesor, the H20 has a 38-380mm lens, but adds 2.1 extra megapixels to take the count up to 10.1Mp. There’s also an HD video mode.

Sony Cyber-shot W230

Sony W290, W270 and W230 digital cameras

The W-series of cameras has performed well in past Which? digital cameras tests, with good specification and performance coupled with a low price point. Sony has added three new W-series cameras. The W230 is an entry-level model, sporting a 30-120mm lens. The W270 and W290 both have a more versatile 28-140mm lens, and offer HD movie clip recording. All three cameras will be available in a variety of colours.

Sony S980 and S930 digital cameras

Like the more expensive Sony digital cameras, the S980 features face detection, but lacks a smile shutter – the feature that sets the camera to automatically take a picture when it detects a smile. The S980 sports a 4x optical zoom and 12.1Mp, whereas the S930 has a 3x optical zoom and 10.1Mp resolution.

Christopher Christoforou, Which? digital cameras expert said: ‘Whether you’re a fan of big-zooming large cameras or something thin and pocketable, you’ll find something for you here, though we will of course reserve judgement until we put them through our thorough testing procedures.’

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