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Zavvi to close final stores before Friday

Last Zavvi shops sold to HMV and former Zavvi boss

Zavvi store

Home entertainment chain Zavvi will close its final stores before the end of this week, meaning the Zavvi name will disappear from the high street.

Zavvi went into administration last Christmas Eve and stores have slowly been closing ever since. Administrator Ernst and Young today announced that 10 more Zavvi shops had been sold, with another three expected to be bought on Friday.

Zavvi shops sold to HMV and Head

Five of the 10 Zavvi stores sold yesterday have gone to Head Entertainment, run by former Zavvi chief Simon Douglas and Les Whitfield. The rest of the stores sold yesterday have gone to former Zavvi rival HMV.

Three further stores are expected to be sold to Head on Friday, and the deal includes the sale of all Zavvi stock.

If you bought goods from Zavvi worth more than £100 on your credit card and you need redress, you may be able to claim from your card company.

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