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Apple announces iPhone and iPod Touch update

Over 100 new features available on 3.0 software

Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G

Apple has announced the iPhone operating system (OS) 3.0 software for the iPhone and iPod Touch, which will provide over 100 new features when it is launched this summer.

New features include the ability for users to cut, copy and paste between applications, and to use MMS (multimedia messaging service) to send and receive photos, audio files and contact details.

Apple iPhone upgrade

After the upgrade, users will be able to record audio snippets using the new Voice Memo application. Another improvement will allow text messages, emails and notes to be read and composed when holding the device in the landscape orientation.

Search capabilities are also set to be improved, allowing users to search through mail, playlists and notes by typing a key word or phrase into the Spotlight search application that will be accessible from the home screen.

iPhone application development

Philip Schiller, an Apple senior vice president, said: ‘The new iPhone OS 3.0 is a major software release packed with incredible new features and innovations for iPhone customers and developers alike. It will keep us years ahead of the competition’.

Improvements to application development will also become available this summer. The applications available to iPhone and Touch customers can be developed by anybody with the know-how, and then sold, subsequent to approval, at Apple’s App Store.

Bluetooth games on iPhone and iPod Touch

Apple has announced that improvements will be made to the tools available to application developers allowing for the easier creation of peer-to-peer games. This means that more games should become available that will enable iPhone and iPod Touch users to pair their devices through a Bluetooth connection and play games against each other.

Jon Barrow, Which? mobile phone expert, said: ‘While the iPhone 3G was an excellent mobile phone, it was still limited in many ways, for example it couldn’t send MMSs and it lacked a decent camera and video mode. While the software upgrade will plug some of these holes, the phone is still by no means perfect. Further improvements, however, may become available when Apple launch their next iPhone, which is rumoured to become available this summer.’

The software will be free to download to iPhone owners, and iPod Touch owners will have to pay US$9.95 for the upgrade.

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