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Apple to announce new iPhone operating system

New improved OS 3.0 to be revealed

3g iphone

Apple’s new iPhone 3G is here

Apple has revealed that it will unveil plans for a new update to its iPhone operating system next week. Few details are known about the new iPhone OS, dubbed iPhone OS 3.0, but company is to hold an invitation-only press event at its Californian headquarters on March 17th.

Since the announcement, internet speculation is rife as to what improvements will be revealed in version 3.0 of the software. Possible new developments could include MMS support, enabling the iPhone to send and receive picture messages, and cut and paste functionality.

Another possibility is improved background functionality, allowing the iPhone to run multiple applications at the same time and provide instant notifications when sites such as Facebook have been updated. The company may also let the iPhone work as a mobile broadband modem for a PC or laptop – known as ‘tethering’.

The company is also expected to release details of a new software development kit (SDK) for its Apps Store – an innovation that was introduced in iPhone OS 2.0.

Apple’s statement comes as its smartphone rivals are also gearing up to make fresh announcements.

Google has said that a new version of its Android operating system for mobile phones – dubbed Cupcake – will arrive in April. Palm is also expected to reveal further features of its new WebOS operating system later this month.

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