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Supermarket chain starts selling cars

Lidl offering a range of cars through website

Lidl is selling cars online

Lidl is selling cars online

Discount retailer Lidl has started selling cars through its German website.

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The supermarket chain has teamed up with German car distributor ATG-Automobile to offer shoppers a range of cars at knock-down prices.

Buyers can get their hands on an Opel Corsa for £10,000 and for £12,800 – a saving of around 25% on the list price.

Car sales

Car sales in Germany rose by 21% last month, thanks largely to a new stimulus plan that rewards drivers for replacing their cars.

Under the scheme, motorists can trade in cars that are more than nine years old and get around £2,300 towards a new model.

‘Difficult’ for Lidl

Lidl sees the uplift in sales as an opportunity to make profit but Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer, the director of the Centre for Automotive Research in Gelsenkirchen, said previous efforts to sell and through supermarkets have faltered.

‘I think it will be very difficult for Lidl,’ he said. ‘People don’t want to buy high-value products from a discount grocery store.’ He said Germans might be unwilling to abandon haggling over the price of a car.

‘Germans like to go to the dealership,’ he added.


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