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DIY botox kits for sale online

Botox and tan jabs kits available to buy online

Botox Treatments

DIY Botox kits are available online for sale on the internet, a Which? Computing investigation has found.

Through a simple search on eBay, the computer magazine found a seller shipping DIY Botox kits from the US for $95 (around £62).

The pack contained needles, saline to mix with the Botox powder and a face map showing where on the face to inject the drug.

Injection fear

It’s dangerous to carry out such a procedure without medical expertise but the seller, a woman in Texas, emailed to say: ‘If you are afraid of injection, there is a product called Inject-Ease that makes injecting a no-brainer.’

eBay removed the ad immediately after being contacted by Which? Computing.

Which? Computing editor Sarah Kidner said: ‘It’s easy to forget that Botox is actually a poison, which if injected in the wrong area could produce some shocking results. It’s appalling that we were able to buy a DIY Botox kit so easily and we are concerned that the internet is becoming a marketplace for cut-price cosmetic treatments.’

Banned treatments

The magazine were also able buy Melanotan, the so-called tan jab, through a UK website. The treatment isn’t licensed in the UK because of safety fears but the magazine received a DIY kit supplied with syringes and instructions on how to inject the Melanotan into your stomach.

The UK Medicines Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) has shut down similar websites selling Melanotan. However, the MHRA said it can’t stop Botox, a prescription-only medicine, arriving in the UK as a company operating in the US falls out of its jurisdiction.

This isn’t the first time Which? Computing has exposed the ease with which it is possible to buy potentially harmful drugs online. Five years ago it reported on the scandal of internet pharmacies selling prescription-only drugs without proper checks.

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