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DoubleTwist Mac and PC media software launched

Beta version syncs and converts music and video

DoubleTwist PC screenshot

DoubleTwist 2.0, free software for syncing and organising media files across computers and portable devices, is now available in beta version for both Windows and Mac.

Its developers claim that DoubleTwist is ‘a free media application that helps you play all your stuff, on all your devices and share your experiences with all your friends.’ 

DoubleTwist is available as a free 600k download from the DoubleTwist website and is compatible with Windows Vista, XP and Mac OS X, plus Firefox, IE7+, Safari and Google Chrome browsers.

DoubleTwist device compatability

The software is designed to offer the simplicity of Apple’s iTunes media software, but across a wider range of compatible mobile phones, BlackBerrys, iPhones, iPods, other MP3 players, flash memory camcorders, portable games consoles such as , and devices running the Android and Windows Mobile operating systems. A full list of supported devices is available on the DoubleTwist user forums.

Once installed, the DoubleTwist software recognises attached mobile devices and gives you control over synchronising photos, videos and music between them and  your computer. It also converts music and video file formats so that media will play on your chosen device, letting you watch YouTube videos on a portable media player, for example. 

There’s also the option to share files with friends, although audio files are restricted to 90 minutes duration, video clips to a maximum of 10 minutes and images are resized to 800×600 pixels.

DoubleTwist and DRM

DoubleTwist was founded by Jon Lech Johansen, who rose to notoriety as ‘DVD Jon’ for his involvement in DeCSS software, which decrypted DVD copy protection. The US DVD Copy Control Association (DVD-CCA) and Motion Picture Association (MPA) brought charges against him, but he was later acquitted.

His latest venture, DoubleTwist, was first announced in February 2008, with claims that it would remove digital rights management (DRM) protection from MP3 music files such as those purchased through Apple’s iTunes store. Apple has since removed DRM from iTunes music files. According to the DoubleTwist website new features will be rolled out over the coming weeks, and a premium paid-for version with additional features is likely in the future.

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