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New technology could make car sharing easier

Scientists hope new system will cut congestion

Car sharing could help to cut congestion

Car sharing could help to cut congestion

Scientists are working on a new system that could make it easier for motorists to share car journeys.

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People interested in car sharing would be able to upload their details to a special database, which would be accessible to other road users through internet-enabled mobile phones.

GPS technology would show drivers’ journeys on a map, allowing those who had subscribed to the service to find their nearest car sharer. They could then phone the driver and arrange to be picked up.

Cutting congestion

It is hoped that by connecting passengers with one another and reducing the number of unnecessary journeys made, pollution and congestion will be cut.

Dr Sarah Sharples, a researcher on the University of Nottingham project, said: ‘This could revolutionise the way people go about their everyday lives.

‘We already have the technology with sat navs and access to the internet through mobile phones. But it could be used in different and new ways, such as radically cutting down the number of single-car journeys, whether they be by commuters or shoppers visiting their local high street.’

Social networking sites such as Facebook could eventually be used to coordinate trips, and lift sharers could even specify personal preferences, such as whether they would prefer a driver who sits silently or one who listens to the radio.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can save cash and cut pollution by sharing your journeys, read our guide to car share schemes


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