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Power hungry TVs to be removed from sale

TVs to get energy labels, some will be phased out

Energy label

A washing machine energy label

TVs and other electricals will have to meet minimum energy standards and carry energy labels, following an EU ruling.

New minimum standards will mean that only energy efficient fridges, freezers, televisions and washing machines will be sold in the EU. 

Mandatory energy labelling will help consumers who want to choose the most energy efficient products for their homes, which will help cut energy bills. 

TVs removed from sale

This is the first time that minimum energy efficiency standards and labelling have been set for televisions and means that the least efficient TVs will be removed from sale in the EU, and mandatory labelling introduced, from mid-2010.

Labelling has appeared on fridges, freezers and washing machines for 10 years but has not been updated in that time. 

The UK government believes that consumers, shops and companies making energy efficient appliances would benefit from a regularly re-evaluated A -G label that reflects the performance of current and future products on the EU market.

However, the new labelling scheme will work in a different way. Under the scheme agreed, the current A category will be added to by the addition on new classes on top of A such as A-20% (20% more efficient than the current A standard), A-40% (40% more efficient than the current A standard) or A-60% (60% more efficient than the current A standard).


The minister for sustainability, Lord Hunt, said: ‘I’m delighted that the EU has joined together to save consumers money and help save significant amounts of energy and carbon dioxide emissions by introducing these minimum standards.

‘It is disappointing though that we could not agree to update the labelling system that we know consumers understand and have confidence in. We now have a job to do in working constructively with consumers, retailers and manufacturers to ensure that consumers are able to easily identify the most energy efficient appliances available.’


A further vote on minimum standards and labelling for dishwashers is expected in May 2009.

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