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Sky box update offers greener standby mode

Sky unveils energy saving digital TV upgrades

sky+ box

All Sky+ boxes will be upgraded with Sky Auto Standby

Sky is upgrading its set top box software so that inactive Sky boxes will automatically switch to standby during the day, according to the company.

Sky, which first launched Sky Auto Standby (SAS) for set top boxes in 2007, estimates the move will save customers £20m on their energy bills and 90,000 tonnes of CO2 – 30% more than the previous version of SAS which only switched to standby over night.

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Sky box green upgrade

Sky says downloading the new SAS to boxes in its nine million Sky customer homes will take until July 2009.

Unlike most electrical equipment, Sky set top boxes (including Sky+ and Sky HD boxes) are ‘active’ devices and as such need to be switched on or in the standby mode at all times in order to receive regular software updates and allow Sky+ recordings to take place.

By switching inactive boxes to standby overnight, Sky’s Auto Standby helps customers reduce their carbon footprint and save money on energy bills.

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Greener Sky satellite dishes

Sky is also cutting the energy consumption of new satellite dishes by around 10%. 

It will install hundreds of thousands of next-generation dishes in 2009. Sky promises that by May 2010, every new dish it installs will use less energy, saving customers an annual estimated £3m on their energy bills and 12,500 tonnes of carbon.

Jeremy Darroch, Sky’s chief executive, says: ‘People expect the brands they trust not just to deliver great quality and value but also to take clear and consistent action on the issues they care about. 

‘We know that customers expect us to play our part in creating a healthy environment, even in more challenging economic times, and these new commitments reflect that.’

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