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Sony announces the TG7VE pocket HD camcorder

'Smallest and lightest' HD camcorder of its class

Sony TG7VE HD camcorder

Sony TG7VE HD camcorder

Sony has announced the TG7VE HD camcorder, which Sony claims is the smallest and lightest HD camcorder of its class.

Weighing in at only 230g, the TG7VE will be launched in May, although a price has yet to be confirmed.

Sony TG7VE Handycam

The pocket camcorder features a 2.7 inch LCD and 16GB of internal memory, which, according to the manufacturer, will store up to six hours of full HD footage. The memory can be increased with the use MS Duo memory sticks, and 4Mp still images can also be captured.

Sony states that the Handycam uses very little power when left on standby, and can therefore be ready for action in a fraction of a second by simply flipping open the LCD touchscreen.

Superb image stabilisation

The TG7VE supercedes the Sony TG3E, which in our tests proved to feature superb image stabilisation and was exceptionally easy to use. The video quality on the TG3E suffered slightly in dim conditions, but this is expected on such small camcorders and is a reasonable trade off between quality and size. The full test results of the TG3E can be found in our HD camcorder report.

Richard Parris, Which camcorder expert, said: ‘Bulky HD camcorders are increasingly giving way to a new generation of slimmer, lighter successors. But to date such models haven’t matched up to larger HD camcorders for image quality – we’ll be keen to see if the TG7VE can buck this trend.’

Camcorder reviews

A variety of cases can be purchased as optional extras, and there’s even a wide angle cap, which can be fitted to the front of the camera, opening up the lens to a 30mm angle.

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