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Sony Ericsson announces two affordable handsets

The W205 Walkman and the S312 basic mobile phones

Sony Ericsson W205

Sony Ericsson W205

Sony Ericsson has announced the affordable W205 Walkman phone and the S312 basic cameraphone. The two handsets are scheduled to be launched later this year, and while the prices have yet to be announced, the specifications suggest that these models will be at the entry level end of the pricing spectrum.

Sony Ericsson W205 Walkman

The Sony Ericsson W205 Walkman is a slider mobile phone, which features a variety of music-based functions. The handset can play MP3 files, has an FM tuner and uses the TrackID service to allow users to identify unrecognised songs played on the radio.

It features a 1.8 inch screen, which will allow you to view album covers of the artists you are listening to, and lets you look through the photos taken on the phone’s 1.3Mp camera.

The handset also allows for multiple phonebooks to be created, so the phone can be shared between friends and family members, while retaining the privacy of each individual’s list of contacts.

Sony Ericsson S312

Sony Ericsson S312

Sony Ericsson S312

The Sony Ericsson S312 is a basic cameraphone, with a 2Mp camera and a few picture editing and sharing tricks. Images can be uploaded to blogs to share with friends, and the handset features several shortcuts that will take you quickly to the camera settings.

Quentin Cordier, marketing business manager at Sony Ericsson, said that the S312’s camera and video modes allow you to ‘capture life’s spontaneous moments the easy way.’ The S312 also features an MP3 player and an FM tuner.

Jon Barrow, Which? mobile phone expert, said: ‘Sony Ericsson claims these phones have been designed for music and photography fans. However the specifications suggest that these are really rather basic handsets and so are unlikely to impress true enthusiasts. We’ll know more after we put them through our extensive mobile phone tests later in the year.’

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