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Sony reveals BDP-S360 Blu-ray disc player

BDP-S360 unveiled alongside two home cinema kits

Sony HT-SS360 Bravia home theatre system

Sony HT-SS360 Bravia home theatre system

Sony has unveiled the BDP-S360 Blu-ray player, which has been launched alongside two Bravia home theatre kits: the 5.1 Sony HT-S360 and the 2.1 Sony HT-FS3.

The Sony BDP-S360 is an entry-level Blu-ray player yet boasts capabilities that have previously only been available on high-end models, according to Sony.

Sony Blu-ray player

The Blu-ray player supports BD live applications, providing users with access to supplementary content such as additional film scenes, cast interviews and trailers. The device also features a USB port, which can allow owners to access extra content from dedicated websites, which can then be played back on the BDP-S360.

Rachel Banin, Sony home video product manager, said: ‘The BDP-S360 combines sleek product design with high-class performance features. Blu-ray is the ultimate HD format and the interactivity of Sony’s BD players is the main reason so many consumers are choosing them as the basis for their home entertainment experience.’

Sony home cinema kits

The Sony HT-SS360 home cinema kit is a 5.1 system that offers a combined 1,000 watts of output. An optional wireless amplifier will enable the speakers to be set up wirelessly.

The HT-FS3 is a 2.1 home cinema package, featuring an FM/AM radio tuner and MP3 playback capabilities.

Dave Holes, Which? audio and visual expert, said: ‘Blu-ray disc players have been notoriously slow to start up in the past, but Sony states that the S360 will be ready for operation in just six seconds. We look forward to testing this claim when the player becomes available.’

The BDP-S360 is also capable of playing regular DVDs. It will be available to buy in July, and is expected to sell for around £230.

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