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Starbucks offers Wi-Fi to BT broadband customers

Surf BT's broadband internet over a cappuccino

BT Openzone logo

BT broadband customers will soon be able to surf the Wi-Fi internet while enjoying a cappuccino following BT’s announcement that BT will provide Wi-Fi broadband access across more than 650 Starbucks coffeehouses in the UK and Ireland.

The new Wi-Fi relationship between BT and Starbucks will allow 4.6 million BT broadband customers to email, surf the internet or make Voip calls at Starbucks. 

Take a look at how Which? members rated BT in the latest Which? broadband satisfaction survey alongside the likes of Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media.

Access for O2 iPhone and mobile broadband customers

O2 iPhone users will have access to BT’s Starbucks Wi-Fi hotspots included within their O2 iPhone monthly tariff, for no extra cost. 

From summer 2009, O2’s mobile broadband customers will also have access to more than 3,500 BT Openzone premier Wi-Fi hotspots (including the Starbucks stores) as part of their tariff.

BT’s Starbucks roll-out from summer 2009

The first Starbucks coffee shops will have the BT Wi-Fi service installed this week and BT’s Wi-Fi roll out will be completed by the end of the summer 2009.

BT Openzone CEO Chris Bruce said: ‘Starbucks is the perfect place to work or catch up over email. Use of our Wi-Fi doubled last year and coffee shops are increasingly popular as a third place to work or log on to the internet. 

‘We’re constantly looking to boost the choice of places to connect – where people want it. The location of Starbucks stores in the high street and travel hubs is helping to extend the reach of Wi-Fi to customers.’

How to access BT Wi-Fi hotspots

All of BT’s Total Broadband customers get at least 250 minutes’ access to BT’s Wi-Fi zones including BT Openzone hotspots as part of their home broadband package. 

Non-BT broadband customers can access BT’s Wi-Fi hotspots by purchasing BT’s Wi-Fi hotspot access vouchers (available from the BT Openzone website).

You can learn more about Wi-Fi hotpot access from BT and other Wi-Fi hotspot providers like The Cloud and T-Mobile in the Which? guide to Wi-Fi hotspots.

Other BT Openzone locations

BT also provides Wi-Fi access at more than 150,000 UK and Ireland hotspots including 12 city centres, the Hilton, Thistle and Ramada Jarvis hotel chains, BA lounges, Welcome Break motorway service stations, independent commercial and residential hotspots.

An existing BT Openzone roaming agreement with AT&T also allows BT Openzone users access to the Wi-Fi internet at more than 7,000 Starbucks stores in the USA.

The Wi-Fi service is also available at more than 50,000 sites overseas through BT’s agreements with other global network operators.


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