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Amazon Kindle DX launched in US

9.7-inch Kindle reader for ebooks and newspapers

Amazon Kindle DX ebook reader

Amazon has launched the Amazon Kindle DX, its newest, biggest and most expensive ebook reader, in the US.

The Kindle DX has a 9.7-inch electronic paper display and 3.3GB of storage – enough for around 3,500 ebooks. Its features also include a new built-in PDF reader, and auto-rotate capability.

According to Amazon, there are now more than 275,000 books available in the Kindle Store, including 107 of 112 current New York Times Best Sellers, each selling for around $10.

The Kindle DX is significantly larger than the original Kindle, which featured a 6-inch screen, storage for 1,500 books, and required PDF documents to be converted before they could be read by the device.

The larger screen of the Kindle DX makes it more suitable for reading newspapers and magazines, and could also prove a boon for students needing to browse textbooks. According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, five American universities will pilot the Kindle DX with their students later this year. 

Kindle DX – battery gives four days’ reading with Wi-Fi

The Kindle DX should also feature long battery life, with Amazon’s website claiming that users can read on a single charge for up to four days with wireless on, and extend this longevity to up to two weeks with Wi-Fi off.

Which? tech expert Al Warman said: ‘With its larger screen, the Kindle DX may be all the encouragement people need to bin printed newspapers and read the news on-screen wherever they are. If content producers can pitch their pricing at a realistic level then ebook readers may become as ubiquitous as the iPod for commuters.’

Which? has reviews of the Sony PRS-505 reader, and the iLiad reader (book edition), both available in the UK. 

The Kindle DX is available for pre-order in the USA for $489 from Amazon.com and will be available from summer 2009, although no plans for a UK launch have been confirmed.

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