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Charity Bank hails increased deposits

Consumers flock to ethical provider's Charity ISA

Charity Bank, the UK’s only fully regulated bank that is also a charity, has reaped the benefits of public distrust of major high-street banks.

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Charity bank uses depositors’ funds to lend to charities and community organisations

Charity Bank revealed in its newly published 2008 accounts that deposits grew by almost 7% in 2008. Loans to charities and community projects grew by 40% in the year to April 2009 – a sixfold increase since December 2002.

Charity Bank is unique in the UK – it only uses savers’ and investors’ funds to finance lending to charities. Unlike other banks that have suffered in the credit crunch due to their own high debt levels, Charity Bank does not raise funds in the money markets, thereby reducing its exposure to financial turmoil in the city.

‘Recession hitting ordinary families’

In his annual report statement, Charity Bank chairman David Clark commented, ‘The sudden nature and intensity of this globally-felt recession will not just affect the disadvantaged and excluded, but ordinary families whose lives will be up-ended by the loss of a job or even a home.

‘Against this background, the contribution that Charity Bank can make in supporting communities is more important than ever.’

Find the best cash Isa for you

Unfortunately, Charity Bank has recently withdrawn its very popular Best Buy cash Isa. However, it does plan to relaunch it later this year.

To find out the best cash Isa currently available, check our Which? Best Buy cash Isas. For more details on Charity Bank’s work and products visit its website.

Look out for a forthcoming Which? Money newsletter that will include an interview with Charity Bank Chief Executive Malcolm Hayday.

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