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Discount shoppers drive a hard bargain

Which? members using savvy shopping techniques

Online shopping

Shopping online can be convenient and cheap

Canny Which? members are taking to bargain hunting in all sorts of ways as the economic difficulties continue.

Our survey of more than 2,000 members found that, since the credit crunch began, half have started or are more frequently using discount voucher websites, and just under half have found the confidence to try haggling in shops. More than two fifths of those we surveyed are turning to cashback websites.

But the results of our survey may concern . Three quarters of Which? members think that there are better deals to be found online, despite constant high-street price cuts.

High-street price cuts not tempting shoppers

Just over 8 in 10 say that a high-street sale doesn’t mean much any more, as shops have them so often. While 6 in 10 have visited a shop in the past year because of a sale, just over 4 in 10 think discounts there should be greater.

Worse news for bricks-and-mortar shops is that price cuts aren’t tempting shoppers towards impulse buys. Two thirds of those surveyed say that they only buy things on special offer that they’d have bought at full price anyway.

Which? shopping researcher Sarah Dennis said: ‘Shoppers have a whole host of different tools at their disposal to snag the best deals and they’re clearly prepared to shop around until the price is right for them.’

Your top techniques for bargain hunting

According to our recent survey of more than 2,000 Which? members, you’ve started to use these savvy shopping techniques, or are using them more often.

  • 50% Discount voucher websites
  • 47% High-street shop haggling
  • 43% Cashback websites
  • 39% Discount shops and supermarkets
  • 28% Visiting shops for sales
  • 27% Price comparison websites
  • 25% Buying refurbished goods
  • 20% Freecycle
  • 19% Buying second-hand goods
  • 16% eBay and other auction sites
  • 16% Rewards on credit card schemes

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