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Drivers racing to beat sat navs

Survey shows many will break law to outdo sat navs

Most sat navs show estimated journey times

Most sat navs show estimated journey times

Two fifths of drivers regularly speed in a bid to beat the estimated journey times shown on their sat navs, a new survey has revealed.

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The worst offenders are under 25s, the poll for Autoglass found, with 26% of them admitting they nearly always challenge themselves to beat estimated sat nav times.

Also, 17% of 17-18 year olds confessed they had already got speeding fines for trying to outdo the sat nav times.

Racing against sat navs

Overall, 40% of the 3,000 people questioned said they regularly exceeded speed limits in a race against sat nav predictions.

Aberystwyth and Wolverhampton were the worst spots for the ‘sat nav racers’, the survey found, with London, Oxford and Worcester also areas where the dangerous practice was prevalent.

Autoglass managing director Nigel Doggett said: ‘Exceeding the speed limit is a serious offence putting the driver and other motorists in extreme danger on our roads.

‘A sat nav takes into consideration the speed limits on our roads when calculating a driver’s estimated journey arrival time and should be used only as a helpful navigation device.’

Best sat navs

Some of the best sat navs we’ve tested give accurate predictions of journey times, and can reroute you quickly and easily if you stray off course. For a list of Best Buys starting from £110, head over to our sat nav review.


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