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Nokia E52 delivers a ‘month on standby’

Nokia E52 mobile phone claims 28-days standby time

Nokia E52 mobile handset

Nokia has announced the newest addition to its E-Series range of mobile phones – the E52 – which is claimed by Nokia to have enough battery life for eight hours of talk time.

The E52 handset, according to Nokia, will be 9.9mm thick, weigh 98g, and feature A-GPS, a compass and a 3.2MP camera with flash, plus noise cancellation for improved call quality.

In addition to the class-leading claimed talk time, Nokia also claims that the E52’s battery will last for 28 days on standby, as long as you don’t use the phone’s advanced functions.

The E52 is aimed at the business user, who may otherwise buy a BlackBerry, iPhone 3G, or a smartphone running Google Android, such as the HTC Magic.

The E52’s specification includes mobile VPN, Mail for Exchange and Lotus Notes Traveller, plus POP and IMAP email support and Wi-Fi and HSDPA connectivity. 

The Nokia Conversation website reveals that the E52 will include a 1GB microSD card and a free 60 day trial for Files on Ovi. 

The Nokia E52 will be available in two colours, metal grey and golden aluminium, according to the site.

Nokia E52 will need more than long battery life to be Best Buy mobile 

Which? tech expert Al Warman said: ‘As handset manufacturers add more features to mobile phones, battery life can often suffer. The E52’s battery life claims are headline-grabbing but real-life figures may not be so impressive. 

‘And while battery life is undeniably important, there’s much more to creating a Best Buy handset. Which? has reviews of over 170 mobile phones, including 55 Nokia handsets, and all our lab tests include battery performance.’ 

The Nokia E52 is predicted to be launched in Europe from summer 2009, at around €245 (£215) although UK pricing and availability information is yet to be confirmed.

The full E52 specification can be found on Nokia’s European website.

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