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Popular cookers linked to six deaths

Carbon monoxide build-up in grill blamed

Glen Dimplex logo

Cookers with a separate grill from Beko and Glen Dimplex are being linked to six cases of fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.

The companies have issued alerts concerning 17 different models – of which there are 49,000 units in the UK and Ireland . The six deaths occurred between November 2008 and January 2009. Both the Beko and the Glen Dimplex models involved are made in the same factory.

The issue is that toxic carbon monoxide can build up if the grill is used while the grill door is shut. The grills were linked to deaths during an inquest in mid-Kent last week, which followed a similar case in south Yorkshire, and in a probe by the Irish Health and Safety Executive.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Beko says that the models fulfil all UK and European safety regulations and that closing the grill door while using the grill is ‘incorrect use’. In the instruction manuals that accompany the cookers, users are warned that such practice could lead to the build up of a fatal quantity of carbon monoxide.

Trading standards officers

Beko logo

Beko has been working with trading standards officers (TSOs) and has sent letters to about 23,000 customers. The company has also posted safety notices in national papers and on its website.

Beko says that modifying the seal surrounding the grill allows enough oxygen into the grill area to remove the risk of carbon monoxide building up. Beko adds that its engineers have modified 453 cookers a week since early March 2009, and that it plans to continue this.

Belling is part of the Glen Dimplex group. Glen Dimplex told Which? that it was also working with TSOs to ensure all necessary safety measures were in place. The company said that if the cookers were operated in accordance with the instructions, they were safe. All of its products had been tested and met the required safety standards, said Glen Dimplex.

The company says it is reminding owners not to use the grill unless the grill door is open and is contacting customers to offer a modification.


Concerned customers have been advised to contact Beko on the freephone customer helpline 0800 342 3049. Customers with Belling models should call 0800 294 3128 to arrange for a free engineer to visit.

The models affected are listed below.

Beko models:                                                        Glen Dimplex models:

Leisure CM10NRK                                                                  New World Vision 50TWLM pmn 444445698

Leisure CM10NRC                                                                  New World Vision 50TWLM pmn 444445697

Leisure AL6NDW                                                                   New World Vision 50WLM pmn 444445020

Leisure CM101NRCP                                                              New World Vision 50WLM pmn 444445021

Leisure CM101NRKP                                                              Belling G755 pmn 050531081

Flavel DGAP5LS                                                                     Belling G755 pmn 050531982

Flavel AP5LDW                                                                      Belling Countrychef 100G pmn 444445945

Flavel Milano ML5NDS                                                            Belling Countrychef 100G pmn 444445046

                                                                                             Belling GT755 pmn 444449050

Cooker reviews

Double oven cookers are not affected by the issue.

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