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Recycling tops green list

Survey shows Which? members are taking green steps


Make the most of your doorstep recycling service

Which? members are still doing their bit for the environment despite the credit crunch, according to a recent poll conducted by Which? Money. 

Almost all those surveyed were taking some steps to help the planet, with 88% recycling their household rubbish, and 85% choosing to use energy saving light bulbs in their homes and turn off lights and electronic items when not using them.

Only 1% of the 1,311 members of the Which? online panel who were surveyed in January said they were taking no steps to make their homes or lifestyles more environmentally friendly.

Most popular green activities

The survey asked people to indicate which green activities they were regularly doing. Here are the results – along with some useful links to our greener living pages.

85% use energy saving light bulbs

A large number of members indicated they were now using energy saving alternatives to traditional light bulbs – find out which energy-saving light bulbs came out on top during our testing.

85% turn off lights and electronic equipment when not in use

These two simple green measures can also save you money on your energy bills. 

Turning down the temperature

59% turn down or use less heating

According to the Energy Saving Trust, turning down your thermostat by one degree can cut your heating bills by 10% and typically saves around £65 a year- read more money saving tips in our guide on how to use less electricity.

53% wash clothes at lower temperatures

Which? has tested at 30ºC laundry liquids that promised good results at lower temperatures – reveals which brands performed the best.

Insulating your home

44% have installed double glazing

The Energy Saving Trust says that Energy Saving Recommended double glazing can cut heat lost through windows by half, as well as saving you around £140 a year on your heating bills.

32% have insulated the roof

Which?’s guide to insulation has advice on which type of insulation to choose and the cost and benefit of insulating your home.

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