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Drivers give thumbs down to hitchhikers

But car-share schemes are getting more popular

Most drivers would ignore hitchhikers

Most drivers would ignore hitchhikers

Three-quarters of drivers would never consider stopping for a hitchhiker, according to a new survey.

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Just 10% of 18–24 year olds would stop to offer a stranger a lift, an AA/Populus poll showed, compared with a fifth of 45–65-year-old drivers.

The survey of 15,000 motorists – timed to coincide with National Liftshare Day – also showed men are three times more likely to pull over for a hitchhiker than women, of whom just 7% would stop.

Hitchhiking in the UK

Those planning a hitching trip in the UK have the best chance of getting a ride in Scotland, Wales and the south west of England, where around a fifth of drivers would stop, the AA said.

Hitchhikers are most likely to be left out in the cold in the north west and north east of England, where just 14% of drivers would consider stopping.

AA president Edmund King said: ‘It is no great surprise that with concerns about personal safety drummed into us, most people are reluctant to stop for hitchhikers. However, some who may be old enough to remember when hitching was more common practice, will have enjoyed the egalitarian pleasure of helping a fellow traveller.’

Car-share schemes

If you’re looking for an alternative way to travel cheaply, or simply want to split your motoring bills with someone else, consider joining a car-share scheme or car club. Not only will they help you save cash, but you’ll play a part in reducing congestion and pollution. Liftshare.com, which helps match passengers with empty seats, claims to have recruited more than 330,000 members already. 


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