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Green appliances top kitchen wish list

Environmentally friendly kitchen gadgets top poll

Forget kitchen TVs or American style refrigerators – eco-friendly gadgets are the most sought-after kitchen items according to a new survey.

A study by a kitchen store suggests that environmentally friendly kitchens are proving increasingly popular with UK households, with one in four putting energy-saving washing machines, dishwashers and recycling bins at the top of their kitchen wish list.

Which? tests a range of kitchen and for energy efficiency – find out which which washing machines, dishwashers, fridges and freezers performed the best for energy efficiency, and take a look at our energy saving appliances review for a round-up of energy saving best buys. 

Kitchen gadgets

The survey asked 2,500 people to vote on which item was their ‘must-have’ item for the kitchen this year. Energy saving washing machines and dishwashers came out on top with 25% of the vote, followed by recycling bins with over 20% of the vote.

American style fridge-freezers that dispense ice were the next most popular item (15%), followed by water filtered taps (9.2%), flat-screen TVs (8.1%), integrated audio systems or iPod speakers (3.7%) and wine coolers (2.5%).

Greener kitchens

Paula Morris, from Sigma 3, which carried out the poll, believes the shift towards greener kitchen gadgets reflects not only a growing interest in money saving during the economic downturn, but also shows that energy efficiency is ‘becoming increasingly fashionable’.

She said: ‘A few years ago, we thought that hi-tech gadgets in the kitchen such as integrated entertainment systems would really take off, but now we are seeing more demand for eco-friendly gadgets. Times have changed and the survey shows that kitchens, which lie at the heart of our homes, are becoming as much about conservation as they are about conversations.’

Read our tips on for more green advice, and take a tour of the interactive Which? green house for energy saving ideas to help you go green all over your home.

Ultra green washing machine

Meanwhile an environmentally friendly washing machine that cleans clothes using far less water could be on sale next year.

The appliance has been developed at the University of Leeds, and uses less than 10% of the water and 30% of the energy used by a conventional washing machine.

According to The Telegraph, the new machine will first be sold to commercial customers including hotels before being launched as a household product.

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