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Middle-aged motorists ‘more likely’ to drink-drive

Almost a third admit driving while over the limit

Middle-aged drivers are 'more likely' to drink drive

Middle-aged drivers are ‘more likely’ to drink drive

Middle-aged motorists are more likely to drink-drive than 17-24 year olds, an RAC report has found.

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Almost a third (32%) of 45-64 year olds admitted to driving while potentially over the drink-drive limit, compared to just 24% of 17-24 year olds.

But younger drivers are more likely to drug-drive, the RAC’s Annual Report on Motoring found, with 10% admitting to driving under the influence.

Drink and drugs

RAC motoring strategist Adrian Tink said: ‘This year’s report clearly shows a generational divide among motorists as regards their vices.

‘Younger drivers have many good habits that bode well for the future of motoring, but their attitude towards drug-driving is worrying, particularly as the number of fatal accidents involving drugs has increased by 28% in recent years.’

The survey, which quizzed more than a thousand people about their driving habits, also looked at attitudes towards greener driving. More than a third of the 17-24 age group said they were confident they understood the skills needed to be a greener driver, compared with a quarter of other motorists.

The RAC said young drivers are also more likely to car share, with one in five sharing a vehicle at least once a week. And 41% of the 17-24 age group said they would consider alternative technologies when buying a new car – compared with just 26% of other drivers.


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