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Motorway drivers face ‘rip-off’ prices

Service stations charging too much, research shows

Service stations are charging too much for fuel, says Asda

Service stations are charging too much for fuel, says Asda

Motorway service stations are charging up to four times more than supermarkets for bottled water, according to new research.

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Supermarket chain Asda said motorists also face rip-off prices for basics like crisps and sandwiches, and that those who choose fill up on the motorway could pay up to 10p more per litre of fuel.

The research backs up a similar study by Which? Car earlier this year. That investigation found some charging up to £2.99 for a cappuccino, or £20 for a meal for two.

Service station prices

Asda’s commercial director, David Miles, said: ‘Our research found that something as simple as a bottle of water can cost up to four times more at a than in one of our stores, turning what should be a quick stop off into an unnecessarily expensive exercise.

‘With 37 million of us holidaying in the UK this year, it’s absolutely unfair to charge people a packet when they are trying to save pounds on their summer holidays.’

Miles said Asda has dropped the cost of its petrol and diesel to below £1 a litre, and claimed there is ‘no justification’ for any major retailers charging more.

Motorway fuel

Which? Car editor Richard Headland said: ‘Which? Car has found fuel is often costlier at motorway service stations compared with elsewhere in the local area – when we checked in May, they typically charged 5p a litre more for diesel and 4p a litre more for petrol.

‘But the most expensive diesel we found on the motorway was 11p a litre more – adding £7.15 to the cost of an average 55-litre tankful. It really pays to shop around if you’re covering lots of miles over the summer holidays.’

For expert advice on finding the cheapest petrol, diesel and LPG in your area, check out our guide to saving on fuel. You can see full results of the Which? investigation into at which.co.uk/cars.


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