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Virgin to trial 10Mbps broadband upload speeds

New speed may let you add Flickr photos in seconds

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Virgin Media trials super fast 200Mbps cable broadband

Virgin Media is planning to pilot a range of broadband upload speeds of up to 10Mbps, according to the company.

Virgin Media says that its proposed maximum broadband upload speed of 10Mbps is ‘much faster than the download speeds of most broadband connections.’ 

What are uploading and downloading?

The headline broadband speeds we often see advertised are for broadband download speeds. 

Downloading involves transferring files and information from the internet to your computer – so includes online activities like surfing from web page to web page, receiving emails, watching online TV and downloading music tracks. 

Uploading happens when you send files and information in the other direction – from your computer to the internet. So it includes sending emails, uploading photos to an online photo album like Flickr or Facebook, or adding a video to YouTube.

Broadband speed – upload vs download

Which? broadband expert Ceri Stanaway says: ‘Typically, because we tend to download more than we upload, ISPs’ broadband download speeds are much faster than their upload speeds. While some broadband ISPs offer download speeds higher than 20Mbps, the fastest upload speed we know about is 2.5Mbps on certain broadband deals from Be and O2. 

‘If you do a lot of uploading – say you take and upload lots of digital photos – you might find a slow upload speed frustrating.’

Virgin Media reckons that at an upload speed of 10Mbps you could upload a memory card full of high quality photos in as little as two minutes (based on a 128MB card containing 75 photos at 1.6MB each).

Virgin Media plans to start its pilot in selected areas in the North East and Midlands area.

UK’s first high-speed network complete

Virgin Media has also announced completion of its superfast, next-generation broadband network, making a broadband download speed of up to 50Mbps available to more than 12 million homes across the UK.

At the moment, Virgin Media broadband customers who sign up to its up to 50Mbps broadband deal must pay £35 if they also have a Virgin Media landline, or £50 for standalone broadband.

From 1st September Virgin Media will reduce the monthly cost of its 50Mbps service for new and existing customers to £28, when taken with a Virgin Media phone line, or £38 if taken as a sole product.

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