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Firm unveils boilers designed to cut bills

Ceres Power will trial fuel cell boilers in 2010

Boilers designed to massively cut fuel bills are to be trialled in the UK next year. 

How much they will cost remains unknown, but the company behind them told Which? that it expects the boilers to pay for themselves ‘within three to five years’.

Ceres Power, in which British Gas took a 10% stake last year, expects to launch the fuel cell wall-mounted boilers on the market in 2011. Their fuel cells produce electricity from the existing natural gas supply using the chemical properties of hydrogen and oxygen.

Feed-in tariffs

The financial picture should be helped by feed-in tariffs, which the government will implement by April 2010. Not only will householders be able to use the electricity their fuel cell boilers will produce at minimal transmission losses, but they may be able to sell some back to the grid – at premium ‘feed-in’ rates. This system is already in operation in many EU countries and some US states.

For the moment, though, there is plenty to consider in choosing conventional gas boilers, tariffs and suppliers. Which? has advice on how to maintain your boiler, get it well serviced and on home heating systems in general.

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