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Petrol prices rising again, AA reports

And more increases are on the way

Petrol prices are on the up again

Petrol prices are rising again, the AA said

Average UK petrol prices have gone up by almost 1.5p a litre in the last month, the AA said on Thursday, and more increases are on the way.

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Unleaded fuel costs an average of 104.43p a litre at the pumps, with diesel having risen from 104.06p a litre on average in mid-July to 104.96p now.

The AA said the cheapest fuel could be found at supermarket outlets, with Asda offering petrol as low as 101.65p on average.

Petrol prices

Across the UK, average petrol prices differ by almost 1.5p between the cheapest and most expensive regions, with a litre costing 104.9p in Northern Ireland and London but only 103.5p in Yorkshire and Humberside.

Diesel costs most in London at 105.5p a litre, compared to just 104.0p a litre in north west England.

AA public affairs head Paul Watters said: ‘At the start of next month, a new fuel duty increase will add another £1 to the cost of filling a typical petrol or diesel tank.

‘This is despite half a million less tonnes of fuel being sold on UK forecourts in the first quarter of this year and an AA/Populus poll showing drivers cutting back across the board this summer.

‘Common sense dictates that the government should abandon this new tax hike paid for by drivers as it derives no extra revenue. So why pile on extra pain now?’

Finding the cheapest fuel

For expert advice on finding the cheapest petrol, diesel and LPG in your area, read our guide to saving on fuel. You can also see how much individual journeys are costing you with this handy fuel calculator.


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