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Web searches for discount vouchers soar 50%

Hard pressed shoppers seek out web vouchers


Sites such as Myvouchercodes
.co.uk offer discount voucher codes for shopping online

Internet searches for discount vouchers have increased by 50% over the last 12 months, according to data from internet research company Hitwise.

Top discount internet searches include ‘voucher codes,’ ‘pizza express voucher’ and ‘discount vouchers,’ as recession-hit Britons look for better deals online.

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Discount vouchers on the increase

Robin Goad, Director of Research for Hitwise in the UK, says: ‘Discount vouchers really hit the mainstream in the run up to last Christmas, but since then the market has matured and consumers have become increasingly sophisticated in their search for and use of all kinds of discounts. 

‘We are seeing the emergence of the ‘maximising consumer’; these shoppers don’t necessarily buy the cheapest products or services, but they do spend a lot of time researching online before selecting what to buy, and then a bit more time to find the best price or discounts before making a purchase.’

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Specialist discount voucher sites

Hitwise points out that while specialist online voucher sites such as My Voucher Codes and Voucher Seeker kicked off the current boom in online discount vouchers, traffic to specialist voucher websites has actually decreased over the last 12 months.

Goad says: ‘Consumers have become wary of the more opportunistic voucher websites, which appear high up in the search engine results for voucher related terms but often contain out of date deals – or in some cases no relevant vouchers at all. 

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Restaurant discount vouchers

After retailers, restaurants are the sector that has benefited most from the boom in online vouchers over the last year. 

UK internet searches for restaurant vouchers have more than doubled over the last 12 months, and restaurant vouchers – particularly pizza restaurants – dominated the list of the top ten voucher related searches in the UK during July 2009. ‘Pizza express voucher’ was the second most searched for voucher term over the period, and the most popular search for a single brand.

Three further restaurant-related voucher searches were also included in the top ten: ‘restaurant vouchers’, ‘pizza hut vouchers’, and ‘dominos vouchers’. The only other company to have a branded voucher in the top 10 aside from the restaurants was Tesco.

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Top discount voucher search terms

Top ten voucher searches in the UK during the four weeks ending 1 August 2009:

1. ‘voucher codes’ (8.4% of voucher-related searches)
2. ‘pizza express voucher’ (3.9%)
3. ‘discount vouchers’ (2.9%)
4. ‘vouchers’ (2.2%)
5. ‘my voucher codes’ (2.0%)
6. ‘restaurant vouchers’ (1.9%)
7. ‘tesco vouchers’ (1.6%)
8. ‘pizza hut vouchers’ (1.4%)
9. ‘dominos vouchers’ (1.3%)
10. ‘tesco voucher codes’ (1.2%)

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