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Young drivers ‘most positive’ about speed cameras

But overall approval has slumped in last 10 years

Young drivers are the most supportive of speed cameras, a new study shows

Young drivers are supportive of speed cameras, a new study shows

Young drivers are more positive about speed cameras than any other age group, a new study has shown.

Reporting on its findings this week, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) said 17-24-year-olds are more likely than other drivers – including over 45s – to give speed cameras their approval.

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Researchers also found that over the last 10 years, women have been consistently more enthusiastic about speed cameras than men. Just 66% of male drivers now support the use of cameras, the IAM said, compared with 83% back in 2002.

Speed cameras

Neil Greig, director of research and policy at the IAM, said: ‘Young people don’t tend to drive as frequently or as far as the average driver, and they have also grown up in a surveillance society, which could explain why they show less objection to safety cameras; older people are more likely to resent being monitored in this way.’

Overall support for speed cameras has dropped from 92% to 75% in the last decade. But despite this, Greig said speed cameras had maintained a ‘good level of approval’ among the motoring public.

‘However,’ he added, ‘the firm belief remains that safety cameras are primarily for raising revenue. Until that link is broken it will remain very difficult to convince all drivers that safety cameras really do deliver fewer deaths and serious injuries.’

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