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Frankfurt Motor Show: Audi e-Tron

Audi's electric sports car steals the show

The Audi e-Tron made a surprise showing

The Audi e-Tron made a surprise showing

The electric-powered e-Tron sports car was Audi’s surprise show-stopper at the Frankfurt Motor Show. 


The sleek two-seater even boasted ‘Quattro’ four-wheel drive, provided by an electric motor inside each wheel.

With low-slung styling that is reminiscent of the R8 sports car, the e-Tron added a dash of glamour to Audi’s stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Electric drive system

However, the big news is under the e-Tron’s lightweight, aluminium and carbon fibre skin – it has a purely electric drive system.

Rather than one electric motor – like the American-owned production roadster the Tesla – the e-Tron has four, two at each of the front and rear axles. These produce a staggering 3,391 lb ft of torque (pulling power) and work together to propel the Audi past 62mph in a staggering 4.8 seconds. The two-seater goes on to top an electronically limited top speed of 124mph.

As with all current pure electric cars the e-Tron’s lithium ion batteries need to be charged up regularly. At present its range is around 250km and it takes six to eight hours to charge up on a domestic socket, although this time is reduced to two and a half hours if you have access to a 63-volt fast charging point.

Audi hasn’t said if or when it will produce a car based on the e-Tron, but the fact that it’s gone this far – and that the car was such a hit at the Frankfurt show – mean we could see something with a similar electric drivetrain within the next few years.



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