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Frankfurt Motor Show: Citroën REVOLTe

Is the REVOLTe the city car of the future?

Frankfurt Motor Show: Citroen REVOLTe Concept face on

Citroen says the car is distinctly feminine

Citroën’s new concept car hasn’t been blessed with the nicest of names, but it does give us an insight into city cars of the future.

The REVOLTe looks bold and luxurious, with styling cues taken from the legendary 2CV, and its hybrid drivetrain has been designed to offer lively, low-emissions motoring.

To achieve this, Citroën has combined a small, conventional combustion engine with an electric motor and a battery re-charging function, which should allow for a decent amount of ‘all-electric’ miles when driving through town.

Frankfurt Motor Show: Citroen REVOLTe Concept rear

REVOLTe Concept is a rechargeable hybrid

Little REVOLTe

The REVOLTe is small – nearly a foot shorter from end to end than the new Citroën C3 – and sculpted sides help to enhance its diminutive profile. Offsetting this look are the chunky wheel arches and a curvy, sloping bonnet.

Inside, the Revolte is all multi-coloured upholstery and gleaming aluminium. Designers say this helps to make the car ‘more like a fashionable, glamorous and clearly feminine accessory’. We think it looks a little too ‘boudoir’ – especially the sofa-style seats in the rear of the car.

Technology runs throughout the Revolte (even the roof is covered in solar cells to boost battery life), but whether any of this will make it to production remains to be seen.

  • The Citroën REVOLTe is on show at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. For more information, and to see videos of the other cars being shown there, head over to our .


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