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LG and Motorola unveil new Android mobile phones

LG-GW620 and Motorola Dext to launch this year


In addition to the GW620, LG plans to introduce a minimum of 13 new smartphones over the next 16 months

LG and Motorola have both joined the Android bandwagon with the announcements of the LG-GW620, also known as the Etna, and the Motorola Dext mobile phones.

Both the LG and the Motorola handsets are expected to arrive to the UK market before the end of the year, as the manufacturers follow the example of Samsung by developing Android powered mobile phones. 

LG-GW620 Etna mobile phone with Android OS

The LG-GW620 is a slider mobile phone with a full Qwerty keyboard, and also offers touchscreen interaction via the 3-inch screen.

The GW620 is just one of the 13 smartphone handsets that the company has said it will launch over the next 16 months. We can also expect three new Windows Mobile smartphones to be announced over the next few weeks.

Motorola Dext with Android OS

Motorola Dext

The Motorola Dext with ‘Motoblur’ will launch exclusively with Orange in the UK

The Motorola Dext is also a slider phone with a full Qwerty keyboard and touchscreen operation. This Android-powered smartphone will come shipped with a 2GB microSD card and a built-in camera able to snap 5Mp still and 24fps video.

The Dext will feature Motorola’s newly developed ‘Motoblur’ technology. Motorola describes this as being the first and only solution to synching contacts, posts, feeds, messages e-mails photos and more – from sources such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Yahoo.

The Motorola Dext keeps an eye on all of these social networking channels and ‘funnels’ them to the user’s homepage, so they are able to keep on top of updates and news.

INQ social network mobile phones

INQ has also announced that it is planning to introduce an Android mobile phone sometime soon. The company is renowned for bringing out affordable handsets designed for users who are keen social networkers.

Mobile phone reviews

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