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Traffic-calming measures ‘could increase CO2’

AA warns against indiscriminate use of 20mph zones

Traffic-calming measures 'could increase CO2 emissions'

Some 20mph zones are being introduced ‘without proper assessment’

Excessive traffic-calming measures could actually be increasing CO2 emissions, the AA said on Wednesday.

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Improving the fuel efficiency of cars may be more effective at cutting carbon emissions than ‘grandiose projects’ like the London Congestion Charge, AA president Edmund King said at an energy, environment and transport forum in London.

King warned that some 20mph zones are being introduced without a proper assessment of their impact on CO2 emissions. He also said some park-and-ride schemes have been scrapped because they were poorly implemented.

Easing congestion

The AA thinks congestion can be eased through simpler means, like encouraging cycling and introducing more efficiently phased traffic lights.

King said: ‘If we are smart about urban transport we can reduce CO2 and congestion without spending millions. Congestion and CO2 can be reduced by improving traffic flow through co-ordination of road works, phasing of lights and good parking policy.

‘If we continually obstruct traffic with excessive traffic calming, we will increase congestion and CO2. New technology to improve fuel efficiency will be the biggest contribution to reducing CO2 from road transport.’

Cut your CO2 emissions

For tips on driving more efficiently, read our guide to greener motoring. You can also read reviews of , like the , on the Which? website.


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