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Tyre pressures key to saving cash, campaigners say

Drivers urged to check tyres as fuel duty soars

You can go further on correctly inflated tyres

You can go further on correctly inflated tyres

Motorists can reduce the impact of this month’s fuel duty increases by keeping their tyres at the correct pressures, a road safety group has claimed.

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TyreSafe said driving on tyres that are just 10 PSI below recommended levels can increase fuel consumption by as much as 2.5%.

But by keeping properly inflated, TyreSafe said, drivers will stay safe, reduce their CO2 emissions and travel further on each tank of fuel.

Fuel duty increases

On 1 September, UK motorists were hit with a 2p increase in fuel duty – the third such rise in just nine months. Some drivers have been buying more efficient models in a bid to cut the amount of fuel they use but, as a recent Which? investigation showed, changing the way you drive can be just as effective.

‘Making sure that tyres are correctly inflated costs nothing yet can save motorists significant sums of money,’ said TyreSafe chairman Stuart Jackson. ‘By taking just a few minutes once a month to check tyre pressure levels and adjust them to the recommended levels, significant improvements in road safety can be made but also drivers will see a reduction in their fuel consumption, helping to offset the recent rise in fuel duty.’

Under-inflated tyres cause excess drag – slowing down the car and using up more fuel. But when tyres are over inflated, handling can become unpredictable. To find out how much air your tyres should have in them, read our guide to caring for your car tyres.

Tyre pressure

Research by TyreSafe found that just half of all of drivers had checked their tyre pressures within the last month.

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