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Britons missing out on energy savings

Energy Saving Trust says kids leave the lights on

Changing a low energy light bulb

Switching to energy-saving light bulbs will save you energy and money

British children waste more energy than their continental counterparts, according to a new study for Energy Saving Week.

The Energy Saving Trust commissioned the research on UK consumers’ habits for its Energy Saving Week, running 19 October to 23 October.

British children admitted to more energy wasting behaviour, such as leaving lights on, than children in other EU countries. 

The trust found that, although many UK consumers knew how to save energy, fewer were putting their knowledge into practice. 

Energy saving products

To help you act, can find out how to save energy in every aspect of life with Which?’s .

Our review of energy saving appliances has just been updated and our reviews of TVs, and washing machines show you which products offer great results while using less power than other models. 

TVs on standby

Last week, Conservative leader David Cameron outlined Tory plans for a ‘green consumer revolution’ including publishing energy consumption data for all public buildings. He called for washing machines to have low energy cycles as their standard wash, and revealed a plan to ban the standby mode for TVs.

However, Which? TV expert Mike Briggs says that, while ‘every bit of energy saved is great news, most new TVs left in standby use a negligible amount of power’. 

Mike adds: ‘Far greater savings can be made if consumers use eco-modes and light sensors when the sets are switched on.’

Which? advice on saving energy includes how to apply for energy grants, cut energy costs, save energy when and how to insulate your walls and loft.

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