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Dyson Air Multiplier fan launch

Dyson launches its AM01 bladeless fan

Dyson fan

Dyson has placed its design fingerprint on a new product market with the launch of its bladeless Air Multiplier fan.

Dyson revolutionised vacuum cleaners, bringing cyclone technology to homes worldwide and its handheld vacs range was updated this year with the incorporation of Dyson’s own brushless motor. 

Not all Dyson products have proven as big a success with consumers – the Contrarotator washing machine being a case in point – but there’s no denying that when Dyson takes on a product market you’re sure to see something innovative, and the Air Multiplier is no exception. 

Dyson Air Multiplier – goodbye to the fan blade

The hoop design of the new Air Multiplier channels air through the centre and does away with the blades of more familiar fans – so there’s no need to cage this beast to stop the kids from putting their hands in. Plus, it’s easier to clean.

The design also builds on airflow technology developed for the Dyson Airstream hand dryer, which when applied to a fan is claimed to give no buffeting in the airflow, unlike conventional fans.

The motor is contained in the base of the Air Multiplier so it is more stable than conventional fans, and there’s ‘touch-tilt’ feature which allows you to adjust the angle of the fan with just one hand. There’s also a one-touch button to turn the side-to-side oscillation feature on and off. 

Variable fan speed

The fan speed is variable, with a ‘dimmer switch’ rather than the more usual choice of three fixed speed settings. 

According to Dyson, the Air Multiplier fan works by accelerating air through an annular aperture in the top loop, which creates a jet of air. This jet passes over an airfoil-shaped ramp that channels its direction and draws surrounding air into the jet. Its effect is to multiply the amount of air passing through by a factor of 15 – giving the Dyson Air Multiplier fan its name.

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