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John Lewis reveals ‘kitchen of the future’

John Lewis report predicts homes will be greener

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Water-free washing machines, insulating paint and a fridge that tells you how to cook up leftovers are just three items a John Lewis report predicts could appear in the 2020 eco-conscious home.

John Lewis’ ‘Rise of the Conscious Home’ report looks at the future of sustainable and energy-efficient living – or ‘Homecology.’

It predicts climate change and increasing energy prices will be the two biggest influences on home design over the next two decades.

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Green kitchen appliances

The report predicts the average household will become dramatically more eco-sensitive, with a variety of innovative eco products.

These include ultra sonic washing machines and dishwashers that ‘clean’ without water and intelligent ‘frugal’ fridges with the ability to suggest recipes using current ingredients and compact waste whilst retaining unwanted nutrients to help grow more food. 

The report suggests home appliances will evolve into energy ‘sipping’ devices that store power generated in a spin cycle or the hot water in a dishwasher. Appliances would feed off each other in a linked energy chain, minimising energy consumption.

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Environmentally-friendly domestic appliances.

The report will be used by John Lewis Department Stores’ buying teams to help them anticipate the demand for environmentally-friendly furniture and domestic appliances.

Sean Allam, of John Lewis, said ‘Already we are seeing a steep rise in sales of Owls – the wireless electricity monitors – as well as energy efficient kettles, vacuum cleaners, toasters  and washing machines so we know the demand is growing as the eco-agenda becomes more prevalent in every aspect of society.’

Best-selling John Lewis eco products

Owl energy monitor

The Owl CM119 enables users to measure the energy use of home appliances

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Kenwood JK455 energy saving kettle

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Dualit NewGen four slice toaster – £195

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John Lewis JLCH200 chest freezer – £299

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John Lewis JLTDC10 condenser sensor tumble dryer £599

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