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Lidl supermarket starts cheap DVD rental service

LoveFilm and Blockbuster have new online DVD rival


Discount supermarkets such as Lidl and Aldi are seen as great value

Discount supermarket Lidl has started a new online DVD rental service to compete with the likes of LoveFilm and Blockbuster, which Lidl claims offers the ‘UK’s cheapest DVD rentals’.

The supermarket, best known for its budget groceries, has teamed up with OutNow (previously MyMovieStream) to offer a DVD rental service which it says is 15% cheaper than the UK’s largest online DVD rental service, LoveFilm.

LidlMovies subscriptions start at £3.32 per month for a 2-DVD-per-month deal, working out at £1.66 per DVD. Lidl’s most expensive deal costs £13.30 for an unlimited supply of DVDs that lets you have three discs at home at a time.

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How do online DVD rentals work?

Online DVD rental works in a similar way to high street rentals, but most offer a wider choice of titles that are delivered straight to your home and can be kept for as long as you wish.

You simply sign up to the service online, select a list of DVDs you want to rent, then wait for them to pop through your letterbox. The number of DVDs you’ll get per month will depend on the package you sign up to – occasional viewers are probably best off with a basic subscription letting you rent a couple of DVDs per month, but for movie buffs there are unlimited packages available.

Cheaper prices and wider DVD choice

As well as avoiding the hassle of a trip to the local Blockbuster, online DVD rentals are often cheaper than the high street – if you make good use of your service, you’re unlikely to pay more than around £2 a DVD. Also, with online DVD rental, there’s a wider selection and no late fees. 

Renting DVDs online may not be right for everyone, as you can’t guarantee what film you’ll receive and when. But if you’re willing to be flexible and you pick the right service for your viewing habits, there are definite benefits.

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