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Tories ‘would stop funding fixed speed cameras’

Conservatives vow to end Labour's 'camera culture'

The Tories want to stop funding fixed speed cameras

The Tories want to stop funding new fixed cameras

The Conservatives have pledged to stop the ‘relentless expansion’ of fixed speed cameras if they win the next election.

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Shadow Transport Secretary Theresa Villiers described Britain’s network of speed traps as a cash cow, and said a Tory government would stop Whitehall funding for new fixed cameras.

Local authorities would still be able to install new cameras, but would have to provide their own funding and show that ‘nothing else works better’.

‘Camera culture’

Villiers told the Tory conference in Manchester: ‘A Conservative government would not fund any new fixed speed cameras because they are not the best way to make our roads safer.’

‘I believe that fixed speed cameras have reached their high watermark in this country – it’s time to put a stop to Labour’s cash cow camera culture.’

Villiers said the number of speed cameras has trebled under Labour and that the money generated by speeding tickets is blinding the government to the merits of alternatives like vehicle-activated signs and more traffic police.

Mobile speed cameras

The Conservatives still support the use of mobile speed cameras, which can be harder for motorists to spot, and would continue to provide funding for ‘average speed checks’ on areas of the motorway with road works.

Other plans announced at the Manchester conference include a new crackdown on cowboy clampers and a move to shorten the time it takes to re-open motorways after accidents.


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