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Amazon targets packaging ‘wrap rage’

'Frustration-free packaging' initiative launched

If you’ve ever experienced ‘wrap rage’ – frustration and cut fingers caused by trying to free a new product from near impenetrable plastic packaging – then Amazon’s latest initiative is aimed at you.

Amazon‘s ‘frustration-free packaging’ scheme replaces tough to open product packaging with recyclable boxes that are easier to open and free of excess materials such as hard plastic clamshell cases, plastic bindings and wire ties.

Amazon also pledges its frustration-free packaging will be more environmentally friendly by ensuring it is of an appropriate size to the product, made of recyclable materials and uses less resources.

Greener packaging

The new packaging is designed to be opened without the use of a box cutter or knife and Amazon says it will protect products ‘just as well as traditional packaging’.

Frustration-free packaging is currently available on a small selection of products, including computer cables, memory cards and USB drives. Amazon hopes to roll out the initiative to all its products in future, but admits this may take ‘many years’.

Which? shopping expert Sarah Dennis said: ‘It’s good to see Amazon making steps to improve product packaging for consumers and the environment. It’ll be interesting to see how quickly Amazon rolls this out to other product types and whether its rivals follow suit.’

Excess packaging

Many products with frustration-free packaging will be delivered without an additional delivery box.

You can give your opinion on Amazon product packaging using its packaging feedback program. Amazon wants to hear from consumers about whether products arrive in good condition and in appropriate-sized packaging.

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