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Marks and Spencer vouchers for recycling plan

Tories unveil their waste and recycling proposals

Blue recycle bin

Get to know your local recycling scheme guidelines

Families could get up to £130 a year in vouchers to spend in stores such as Marks and Spencer (M&S) in exchange for recycling their rubbish, under plans outlined by shadow Chancellor George Osborne.

The Conservative Party would roll out recycling rewards schemes such as the American Recyclebank scheme already being trialled in Windsor and Maidenhead and in Halton, Cheshire. The scheme would pay families as an incentive to recycle, ‘not stinging them with bin taxes to punish them’.

Recyclebank recycling rewards

We’ve been following the Recyclebank trial in Windsor and Maidenhead since it started in June 2009.

It uses wheelie bins fitted with identification chips to track household recycling levels. Recycling collectors weigh and record the amount of material collected from each house, and award RecycleBank ‘points’ – redeemable at a variety of local shops and businesses such as M&S – based on how much material has been recycled and how regularly homes participate in the scheme.

Green propsosals

Mr Osborne said: ‘What companies like RecycleBank do is say to councils and city administrations: “If we reduce your landfill tax bill by pushing up recycling rates, then how about we split the savings?”

‘I’m even more pleased to say that [the Windsor and Maidenhead trial] is already delivering fantastic results. Over half of all eligible households have chosen to participate. And recycling rates have increased by an incredible 30%.’

He said that a Conservative government would also

  • cut government emissions by 10% and sign up to the 10:10 campaign
  • create Britain’s first ‘green’ investment bank ‘which will invest in the next generation of green British businesses’
  • set a floor under the 2013 level of landfill tax up to 2020 so it doesn’t fall.

How to recycle

Our product recycling tool can help you find where and how to recycle a range of electrical and household products including TVs, DVD players, washing machines and fridge freezers.

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