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Google Docs now offers file storage and sharing

Cloud could offer Google alternative to USB drives

Google Docs screenshot - document presentation spreadsheet

Google has announced that users of its free online Google Docs service will be able to upload files of any type and store them ‘in the cloud’.

According to the Google Docs Blog, the file storage capability will be rolled out to all Google Docs users over the next few weeks.

Vijay Bangaru, Product Manager of Google Docs, says that Google Docs will support file uploads of up to 250MB in size. This means that users will be able to ‘backup large graphics files, Raw photos, Zip archives and much more to the cloud’.

He also suggests that users will find Google Docs a more convenient option for accessing their files on different computers, rather than carrying a USB drive.

Google Docs currently allows users to upload documents, spreadsheets, presentations and PDF files, which are then converted into Docs file formats for sharing and editing online. The files are accessible from anywhere via the web, as they are hosted on Google’s server cloud.

Which? tech expert Al Warman said: ‘As long as you’ve got a fast broadband connection, sharing large files just got easier. Rather than emailing large documents or Zip files, which can be problematic due to email and webmail attachment size restrictions, Google now lets you store even more of your personal data online using cloud computing.’

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Google Docs is not the ‘G-drive’ 

The new Google Docs feature is also claimed to have collaborative benefits, as team members can share files and project folders online. Users of the paid version – Google Apps Premier Edition – will be able to ‘seamlessly upload many files at once and sync them with their desktop in real time’ according to Google.

In addition to the storage capacity already offered by Google Docs for compatible files – documents, presentations and spreadsheets, users will also be able to store up to 1GB of other files using the service.

Google has denied that the move indicates that Google Docs is evolving into the rumoured ‘G-drive’ – a universal online data storage facility with the ability to sync with users’ computer desktops.

The Google Docs upgrade will be highlighted when it becomes available to individual users, when a bubble notification appears after signing in to Google Docs.


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