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British Gas cuts gas prices by 7%

Gas bill saving of £55 a year for 8m households

British Gas is to cut gas prices by 7%, in a move that will benefit 8m households by an average of £55 a year.

The price cut takes effect immediately and means British Gas is, on average, the cheapest standard gas and electricity supplier in Britain irrespective of how customers choose to pay, according to the energy supplier.

If you’re concerned about your energy bills, our independent energy supplier switching service Which? Switch can help take the hassle out of switching to a cheaper energy tariff.

British Gas price cuts

Responding to the gas price cut, Which? chief executive Peter Vicary-Smith said: ‘This will be welcome news for those customers who will benefit from the cut but will leave many asking why British Gas isn’t also reducing its electricity rates.

‘Gas is a major source of electricity generation, so surely a fall in the wholesale price of gas should also mean a reduction in electricity costs? This highlights the need for more transparency between wholesale and retail prices.

‘This is also an ideal time to check that you’re getting the best deal for your energy. You could save money by switching or by taking a few simple steps, like paying by direct debit or on a monthly basis, or moving to an online account.’

Our annual energy companies survey rates the best and worst energy companies, including customer scores for British Gas, EDF, Eon, Npower, Scottish and Southern and Scottish Power.

Pre-payment meter customers

British Gas has also removed its price ‘differential’ for gas pre-payment meter accounts, meaning those using pre-payment energy meters will on average pay the same for their energy as those paying by cash or cheque.

Lower your gas and electricity bills

You can compare energy prices and switch to a new gas and electricity supplier on Which? Switch. People who switched with us between 1 October and 31 December 2013 are predicted to save an average of £234 a year on their bills.

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