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Natwest and RBS launch new reward credit cards

Points used for shopping vouchers, travel and wine

Royal Bank of Scotland

Natwest and RBS have each launched a new reward credit card, the YourPoints World MasterCard, available to existing current account customers.

The YourPoints World MasterCard is available online from the two banks’ websites. While the YourPoints reward scheme has been available as an ‘add-on’ to other Natwest/RBS cards for around two years, this is the first time it has been incorporated as an integral part of a credit card.

The YourPoints credit cards earn one point for every £1 spent and points can be redeemed as shopping vouchers or on travel, holidays, days out and wine.

Credit card extras

In addition, the World MasterCards offer:

  • A ticket cancellation service, offering a refund if the customer cannot attend a pre-booked event such as a football match or theatre production.
  • A ‘Best Price’ guarantee, reimbursing the difference between the total price paid with the card and the price found in another sales outlet for the same new item.

Can the World MasterCard match a Best Rate cashback credit card?

Martyn Saville, Which? credit card expert, commented: ‘With Barclaycard upping the reward card ante with its new Reward Money scheme, we’ll hopefully see more competition in the cashback and reward credit card market. These new cards from RBS and Natwest could be a good choice for existing current account holders, particularly as each comes with a 6-month 0%-on-purchases promotional period. The typical APR of 16.9% makes this card unsuitable for borrowing outside of the 0% period, although this is true of all cashback and reward credit cards.

‘As with most reward schemes, the cash value of the new Natwest/RBS credit card points depends on how you redeem them. Swapping your points for shopping vouchers from Marks & Spencer, Boots, Amazon.co.uk or Curry’s equates to a cashback rate of 0.5%, in line with the cashback market average. Swapping your points for flights, days out or wine could, however, increase the value of your rewards. For example, a short break in Madrid in a 3-star hotel and flying with British Airways would cost you from 35,200 points, equivalent to £176 in shopping vouchers.’

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Get the best credit card for your needs

If you need advice to help you choose the best credit card for your needs, read the free Which? guide to choosing a credit card.

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