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New ‘XXL’ dishwashers get an interior redesign

AEG Electrolux launches Proclean dishwasher range

AEG Electrolux Proclean dishwasher

AEG Electrolux says it has redesigned the interior space in its latest range of dishwashers to ‘comfortably accommodate 21st century wash loads’ and offer more loadable space to stack big dishes, pots and plates.

According to the company, the F99000P and F87000P in the Proclean range offer an extra 10 litres of loadable space, ‘wave form’ baskets able to accommodate crockery and cooking implements of different shapes and sizes – plus a double rotation ‘satellite spray arm’ with five different spray levels.

The redesign responds to research conducted by the University of Bonn. This highlighted that while the average load has changed since the 1970s – when the idea of what made up an average ‘place setting’ was devised – dishwasher interiors have largely stayed the same.

Dishwasher place settings

Back in the 1970s, the average dishwasher place setting was defined as: a dinner plate, soup plate, dessert plate, cup and saucer, glass, fork, soup spoon, knife, tea spoon and dessert spoon.

Which? dishwashers expert Matt Stevens said: ‘Most consumers add pots, pans and other things to their so it’s encouraging to see a dishwasher manufacturer responding to changes in consumer demand by enhancing the design of their products. Loading the dishwasher can sometimes be a chore, so baskets that make this easier have to be a good thing. 

‘We’ll be testing one of the AEG Proclean range in the next couple of months and it will be interesting to see how it performs in our tests, particularly the innovative new spray arms.’

In the meantime take a look at our review of nearly 150 dishwashers, including nine models from AEG Electrolux. We currently recommend 37 top performers as Which? dishwasher Best Buys and reveal two poor performing dishwashers you should steer clear of.

AEG Electrolux Proclean dishwasher range

Other features AEG Electrolux says are offered on the top-of-the-range F99000P Proclean dishwasher include: 

  • 12 place settings, including enough room to fit a 34cm diameter plate
  • LCD display
  • ‘Extra silent’ program
  • ‘Hygiene’ option with a hotter final rinse
  • 10l water consumption and 0.99kWh of energy used per wash

AEG’s 2010 dishwasher range, comprised of the F99000P and F87000P Proclean models as well as the F50872 and F50874M, go on sale in April and are available in white or stainless steel. Prices start at £549.

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